DC Lambda Squares Membership

Membership in DC Lambda Squares is for the current year (January – December 2024). While we welcome individuals to join at any time during the year, we do not offer a pro-rated membership for joining mid-year or late in the year. The cost of membership is $60. A Member in good standing is entitled to one vote at the annual meeting or any meeting that calls for votes by the Membership. Members also receive a discounted weekly door fee of $10.00 for Club Night (non-members pay $12).

For Members who attend Club Night more regularly, (22 or more times per year) and wish to take advantage of a yearly discounted door fee, we offer an optional pre-paid door fee of $150 for the year. For those Members who opt into this option, they are entitled to entry to all Club Nights that their respective dance program is offered.

​Warren Jaquith Scholarship Fund

DC Lambda Squares offers a scholarship program for those individuals needing assistance with the cost of membership, pre-paid door fee and other related square dance activities (fly-ins, conventions, etc.). Participation in the scholarship program is confidential. For more information or to apply to the Warren Jaquith Scholarship Fund, please click here

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