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The ONLY square dance club in Washington, DC. DC Lambda Squares welcomes singles, couples, of any orientation. We provide an energetic activity that encourages smiles, promotes friendship, and is a ticket to the hip, social world of square dancing. All are welcome to come and dance with us.

Introduction to Today’s Square Dancing
2024 Square Dance Class

Learn how to square dance.
Class is March 23
4 pm – 8 pm

Cost is $50 online or check

The Dance Institute of Washington
Studio C
3400 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20010

Nearest Metro: Columbia Heights

Students will be exposed to and taught modern western square dance at a comfortable pace. At the conclusion of the course, students will be familiar with the sequence and be able to dance modern western square dance.

Class will continue on Thursday evening during club night.

About DC Lambda Squares

DC Lambda Squares (“Club”) is an inclusive square dance club serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Club provides opportunities for members, visitors, and guests to dance in nontraditional roles and a comfortable environment for socializing around square dancing activities. The Club fosters relationships with other square dancing clubs and organizations and with social, educational, and charitable organizations within the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities.

What is Modern Western Square Dance?

Modern Western square dance, like traditional square dance, is directed by a square dance caller. In modern Western square dance the caller strings together a sequence of individual square dance calls to make a figure or sequence. These calls are the building blocks of the choreography that is danced by the individuals, square dancers, in the squares. There are eight people (four couples) in each square; at a dance there may be many squares. Generally speaking, each of these squares dances independently of each other, with the exception of specialty or “gimmick” dances, where there might be some crossover of dancers from one square to another.

Modern Western square dancing is danced to a variety of music types, everything from pop to traditional country to Broadway musical to contemporary country music—even rock, Motown, techno and hip-hop. The music is usually played from recordings; the tempo is also more uniform than in traditional dancing, as the “perfect” modern Western square dance tempo is 120–128 bpm. At this speed dancers take one step per beat of the music.