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Our Neighbor (Straight Friendly) Square Dance Clubs

Chesapeake Squares

Additional Advanced and Challenge

Dayle’s Dancers – Advanced Dance/ Workshop
John Marshall – Advanced and Challenge Clubs
Zig-Zaggers – Advanced
Bill Harrison – Galaxy Stars – Challenge 1

Ettseteras - Challenge Dancing

Challenge dancers: Ettseteras. The club currently dances every Monday. All C1 dancers are welcome to attend. Gay-friendly club, $10/dancer, singles welcome, casual dress. Proof of vaccination required. Location: Knights of Columbus, 9450 Cherry Hill Road, College Park, MD Contact Ett for more information. Note: No dancing if Prince George’s County schools are closed, or close early, due to weather. If in doubt call Ett at 443-745-1709

Square Dance Flourishes

Fly-in to attend from AJH

A list of “sounds” to make when certain calls are called
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Click Here for a pdf of other clubs’ flyins

Square Dance Animation - There's an app for that

The TAMinations website will take you to a wonderful place with examples of all the square dance calls in all the land. You can watch the move happen at a fast pace, slow pace, or manually, at your own pace.

Noriko Takashasi has a great animated square dance site for Basic through Advanced. Check it out and enjoy. If your browser attempts to download a Japanese character set, just cancel the download operation.

Other Links

Partners, A Wonderful Film About the Inclusive Revival of Square Dancing Through Gay Clubs (click to follow link)